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THE STORY OF Okpameh (also called Uguan)

Okpameh (also called Uguan) the son of Oba Ewaure left the Benin kingdom after he was banned for committing murder.
He went up to the Northern part and settled at a particular place he named Odorlerene (somewhere at the present-day Ora). Okpameh was a very powerful and renowned hunter, who was respected for killing the dreaded Leopard (Ekpen).
He took a wife a Uokha Lady who bore him a Son he named Ora Ekpen (because of the circumstances surrounding his birth). Ora Ekpen later bore sons that make up the communities in today’s Ora.
Okpameh later received information of the death of his brother who before then was the Oba of Benin. It was told that the brother died without an heir to the throne.
The elders of the Benin kingdom sent messages to Okpameh to come over and to takeover the throne. Okpameh who initially declined the offer eventually agreed after many pleadings and some signs.
Okpameh departed for Benin and left his son Ora Ekpen behind. Okpameh was then crowned Oba of Benin and was named Oba Ozolua. This made every Ora descendant a prince thereafter.
Oba Ozolua died some years later. At his burial, his first son Ora Ekpen insisted that he would take the body of his father to his Odorlerene, but his younger brother the crown prince Esigie objected and stated that the body must be buried in Benin.
After much debate, it was resolved that the body of Oba Ozolua should be buried within the Oba palace in Benin, however, Ora Ekpen would maintain his position of seniority.
This position includes but is not limited to Ora Ekpen and his descendants not bowing to the Esigie (Oba elect) descendants. This was sealed from that day and remains so till today.
History must be said and it’s what it is, our page has deem it fit as a personal responsibility to bring out our history…

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